Monday, September 03, 2007

Final days of summer...

It happened so quickly, the 1st of September came and went without even a small Happy 9 month birthday Carson :) Now we are slowly getting close to the fall, and just a few more months that I'm off work to spend with Carson, and I happily have mixed feelings about going back.

I can't even keep up with the changes, they are happening too quickly. He's growing every single day. He's at the end of his cold, I've heard they can last for weeks, but Saturday by far was the worst (it was his first cold, forgive me, so the requirements for the worst may change drastically as time goes on, but be default the first IS the worst as there's only one to compare it to) and he's been getting better each day.

We went to Carrie and Rob's on Sunday with the gang for a BBQ and the kids were in their glory. Grant was going down the stairs (outside) in a bigwheel, Maya was telling us about her zip ride trip in DisneyWorld (she's only 3!), and Ethan and Isabelle were entertaining all their guests with showing them how to slip and slide. Carson was happy being with his family, surrounded by tons of kids who adore him.

Here is with on the trampoline with Ethan and I:

I love my Auntie Carrie!

Grant and Ethan:

Isabelle and Maya:

Enjoying mommy's garden:

Hehe I like how the tree in the background looks like Carson has a funny hat on top of his head.

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Kristen said...

Awww, great pics :). I think I would have an extremely hard time going back to work too...I have a hard time leaving our cat at home for crying out loud lol.