Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The countdown is on!

So I was only going to go back to work Jan 1, but I've decided to go back after my 1 year, and start on Dec 1st. Now that it's been decided I'm looking forward to it. The last week or so I've had a horrible case of the stir-crazies and I think it's time for me to join the working world once again.

Now there is SO much to do. I had to call a few waiting lists I was on for daycare and change the date until the 1st of December when care would be required. I'm heading to the Child Care Connection tomorrow night, offered at our community center and it's for parents and caregivers to meet up and talk and try to find someone we would like Carson to be with. So I'm going to ask Lisa if she wants to come over and hang out while Carson sleeps and we head to the community center. If she can't make it I'm sure my mom will. But if she comes, it won't be enough to come over while Carson sleeps so we'll have her over for dinner or we may skip out for a bit by ourselves (that hasn't happened in a while).


Christy_Ann said...

I have enjoyed being back at work these last few months and using my brain a little bit more!

What kind of work do you do? Will it be part-time or full-time?

Christy said...

I work for Health Canada (government) - it will be full time but I'll be working 7-3, so I'll have a good couple of hours with him after work.

Kristen said...

Sounds like a good plan, I hope you find someone good for Carson :). Good on you for leaving yourself lots of time to make arrangements, very wise :).

Good luck!

Amuldoon said...

BACK TO WORK!?? Holy crap! Thats so great... :)

How much does daycare cost, just outta curiousity?