Sunday, April 20, 2008


What a weekend. We went from winter to summer without seeing spring. This weekend was beautiful, the weather was gorgeus. We spent most of the weekend outside, getting our yard ready for summer and touring the neighbourhood.

This morning's birthday party was super fun.

Carson and Sofia having brunch together

Sofia, Uncle Sean and Carson on the trampoline:

A quick video from the trampoline:

Crazy static-y hair from the trampoline:

Taking a break:

So tired, he fell asleep not 15 seconds after being in the car:

Having a snack outside (in the corner, the only shade for now)

Hanging out outside:
In my new wagon!

We had a great weekend together, just the two of us. We were outside when I told him we had to go outside, take a bath and then go to bed. I swear he said bed and ran towards me. That kid loves to sleep. He stayed in the bath after all the water was gone and wouldn't get out, I had to bribe him with his blankie.

Bad news, I dropped the camera in the bathtub! Please pray that it dries well and still works.

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