Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Poor boog

Yesterday morning he had a bit of a rash on his stomach. When I picked him up from daycare, S told me he didn't sleep much (only an hour). Came hom, looked at his stomach, the rash was worse and it was creeping up his neck. It's the same thing he had the last time (roseola)
Tried to give him his snack (grapes) and have him sit down at his table, he screamed and didn't stop for a long time. He was so upset! We finally got him calmed down and he sat on my lap to eat the grapes, then Grandma and I took him outside in his new wagon (which he loves, Jeff just called me and told me that he cried when Jeff took him out of the wagon this morning cause it was time to go to daycare) and he was happy. We went to the store, the park and then home again and he was fine. Had a late dinner, then off to bed. He fell asleep while Grandma was giving him the bottle.

I went to a gym class, and came home around 10 - Carson started crying on and off for about an hour. When I would go in, he didn't even want up. He'd just close his eyes and fall asleep. Seconds later he'd start moving, fussing, and then crying. His eyes were barely open when he was crying. I finally picked him up and he couldn't even get comfy on me, he kept moving around and then he'd fall asleep for a few seconds and then wake up and move his head to my other shoulder, then my chest, then my stomach, there were arms and legs going everywhere. I finally gave in and gave him Advil. And brought him to bed with me (note: I've never done this before) he couldnt' get comfy with me, the same thing over and over . Then finally, about 20 minutes later, he looked at me and said mama (this is new, he JUST started saying mama, he's always called Jeff dada but if you asked who I was he'd say dada too) and then pointed to my nose and said nose. Then looked towards the window and said car, then looked at the light in the hallway and said light. So, I knew the Advil kicked in and I put him in bed and he slept till 7am this morning.

His rash was better this morning, he was in fine spirits (until wagon incident). I know he was in pain last night, I could tell by watching him sleep. I'm assuming there are teeth coming in (he won't let me in his mouth though), so I hope they pop through soon!


Christy Ann said...

Oh, poor little man! How heart-breaking is it to see them suffer??? Stay strong!

desajair said...

Oh poor little guy. I hope he gets better soon!