Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Just another Wednesday night

Jeff had a training course all day today downtown, so we decided to meet at my Mom and Ricky's house for dinner. I ducked out of work early (I've been accumulating time here and there) and picked Carson up an hour early. We went to Grandma's and sat on the front porch, ate an apple (he calls it bapple), visited with Robyn (a little girl across the street, her and her sister Alexa always come over when any of the grandkids are over, they are the sweetest girls ever, 10 and 8 I think?), went for a walk, visited with a dog and then went inside for some smoked meat sandwiches. Carson LOVED his dinner! Ricky made his famous homemade french fries and Carson preferred the sandwich, didn't care much for the fries.

Then Jeff took him home, I went to Winners looking for a new bag and came home with this:

I never really buy him stuff, he's got so much already from all his cousins that our house can't fit much more. But I turned the corner in the store and saw this and knew Carson had to have it. He loves Thomas. He loves wheels. He loves noises. This has it all. We hid it away so Jeff can bring it out this weekend when I'm gone. That's right - for the first time, I'm leaving my little man for the weekend. The girls and I have rented a chalet in Tremblant and I'll miss him like crazy but I'm sure I will find ways to keep myself entertained :)

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