Sunday, April 06, 2008

At my best

I don't doubt that I was a good mother for the first year of Carson's life.

But let me tell you - now is my time to shine as a mother. This is the parenting that I was cut out for. I love explaining things to him, showing him things, teaching him things, communicating with him (ok, so I did all of those things for the first 12 months, but now he's responding to me), discipling him, teaching him to grow up to be a good, honest, smart, generous and kind person.

I rush home from work, anxious to get him from daycare and enjoy every single minute of our time together. I can honestly say (I feel like I've always been rather honest on this blog, some people won't admit their less than stellar parenting moments - like my first 13 days after C was born!) I enjoy the toddler stage more than the baby stage. I loved him in the first year, I enjoyed everything we did but I didn't love it in quite the same way as I do now.

Anyways - this has been a busy weekend, full of family, friends, sun, fresh air and all that goes with it.

Looking up at the plane

Splashing for my first time in the puddles with my rainboots (before, he would just stand in his rainboots and cry)

We walked around the block while he pushed this toy - it had been in the closet for a while but we just took it out and it's like he's seeing it for the first time.

What's down there?

Sharing my snack with Grandma

Being pulled around the house by Daddy

His two favourite things these days? My makeup brushes. As soon as we get into my room he stands on his tiptoes to get them off my makeup table.


Julie said...

Omg, can i tell you how freakin cute yuor son is? Like seriously, some little boy toddlers arent super cute, hey im being honest! But yours.... my god, he is like the epitome of adorableness! I dont even know you very well other than reading yuor 2 blogs, nor do i know carson but i seriously want to reach into the screen and give him a kiss bc he's just too cute to resist! My god, those good-looking genes got passed down ah? ;-) hahaha. You should frame that pic of him looking into the sewer (?spelling?), i think its so innocent and cute! anyways i think im getting baby fever.. which is not good right now, im too young! hehe

Christy said...

Thank you Julie! I thought only family members said stuff like that. I of course think he's the cutest thing ever, but I'm happy to know his pictures make someone else smile :)

My mother in law said the same thing about the sewer picture. I wish I had done it in black and white!

Thanks again :)

Christy said...

Julie - I can't access your blog! Can you add me (christyw22 at hotmail dot com)? I used to be able to!