Friday, April 04, 2008


You know how I always say I jinx myself. Last night as I went to bed I had a brief wave of "holy crap I'm so happy I can go to bed at night and not even think about when Carson will wake up during the night". He doesn't. Ever. Well, almost ever.

Last night around midnight he woke up crying. I guess I didn't wake up right away, but finally woke up and went and got him. It was instinct, he never cries so what the heck was wrong? Nothing it seems. He put his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. Twice. Twice I rocked him (moreso cause I felt like he needed my snuggling, plus it never happens so I don't mind) and then put him to sleep. But then the third time got worse, and Jeff went in and spent some time with him and then put him to sleep. And that was it. He slept till the morning, waking up every hour or so with a few cries and then quiet.... I'm hoping tonight is not a repeat :)

I'll never think about how lucky I am that he sleeps through the night again!

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Sonya said...

Hey Christy - We have the same problem over here. Two very long wakings last night, accompanied by screaming. I had to pull out the Tempra, because I figured it was teething.

Mommy is tired today!

Here's to a more restful night.