Saturday, April 19, 2008


I said I was just going to look... but this is what I bought this afternoon!

I had seen it at ToysRus for $109, but today at Sears it was $89.00, I'm not one to turn down a good deal. My mom had to pick it up for me because it would't fit in my car (with the stroller in the trunk and the car seat) so I'll get it from here tomorrow at the birthday party.

Today at swimming, Carson was the only kid who wouldn't take the instructor's hand to walk over the slide. He doesn't like strangers these days, he was crying when she put him at the top of the slide and cried all the way down. He wasn't crying at the slide, he was crying at her!

Heh, I remember before I was a mom and one of my friends or siblings would say what their kids were crying at, and I would think to myself - do they really know that? And now, yes, I know that you really do know them so well, you know exactly what they are crying for!

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