Saturday, April 19, 2008

My little guy

And I are having a mom and son weekend. Jeff's gone on a golf trip, so it's just him and I. And we are having a blast. Yesterday he spent the day with Grandma and Nono, he had a bit of a fever on Thursday night and was still warm on Friday morning so I didn't want to send him to care. I'm quite lucky we have grandparents here! He was kind of lethargic too, just not himself and even since then he's kind of whining (a strange whine, almost a painful one?) and won't stray too far from his mom. But this time I mean it when I say I don't mind.

After a good night's sleep, we went to swimming lessons then to visit Auntie Carrie (who just got home from Cuba and got this awesome drum thing for Carson with his name on it!), Uncle Rob, Ethan and Isabelle. We spent some time on the trampoline, which he thought was quite funny. Then home for some lunch (ok, so lunch consisted of 3 grapes, a few pieces of apple and some mango - he wouldn't touch anything else) and he's off to bed again.

When he wakes up we have to go find a birthday present for Maya and hopefully a wagon and maybe we'll go out to dinner - our first date?

I've been putting away his too-small clothes and taking out all the 2T clothes that we have for him. I've put away 5 boxes of clothes and 3 garbage bags of clothes to go to the second hand store. Things that were passed along that he never wore, and now knowing how I dress my child, I know I wouldn't put on another boy (if we have one) so might as well recycle them now. Oh my god the cute things that he has now!

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