Friday, October 30, 2009

Yes, I am THAT mom

You know, the one who hides in the parking lot like the paparazzi trying to take pictures of her kid out trick or treating? Actually, I was kind of surprised that there were no other moms there.

Remember, I'm hiding between cars here so Carson doesn't see me, so they aren't the clearest or best pictures I've ever taken. And, he's the purple dragon if you couldn't figure it out.

Coming out of their school and walking to the first stop:

Holding the hand of his favourite teacher. This is seconds before I thought he caught me.

Looking pretty well behaved holding tight to her hand.

I thought this is when he caught me, but now looking at the picture I realize he's looking at the policeman getting onto his motorcycle!

In the drycleaners asking for candy!

Heading back to class...


Anonymous said...

Great job Mommy. Must have been a warm day.

Amy said...

haha... looove his little costume!

Way to go paparazzi mom!

Sonya said...

I laughed SO hard at this post. SOOOOO cute! I love that you stalk your own son. You know I would have done the same, right?

Anonymous said...

This is so very cute! We are ALL that kind of mom. Great shots.