Thursday, October 01, 2009

Life is BUSY

If I had more time I would write about....

- how Carson went the whole morning for a 2 hour trip to the park plus lunch at a restaurant in his underwear, normally on longer trips we would always put pull-ups on, way to go Carson!

- how Beckett is STILL sleeping 12 hours through the night

- how Beckett STILL isn't a great sleeper during the day

- how Carson is all done at daycare

- how Carson loves nursery school and randomly talks about kids in his class

- how Carson ate with chopsticks tonight!

- how happy Carson was that Uncle Mark stayed with us for a few days

- how Carson got his first movie from his caregiver on his last day, and he watched his first movie today and thought he was in heaven

I would probably write a little more about each of those, but one of my children is still up (watching hockey with Dad) and I want to go spend a little more time with him before he goes to bed.

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