Monday, November 02, 2009


Halloween this year was fantastic. Carson got right into and followed Jaeda and Justen from door to door like a seasoned trick or treater. Their little cousin, Anika, had the same costume as Carson so we got lots of "are they twins". Not twins. Just two adorable little two year olds.

They were all so excited to get out and wouldn't stand still for pictures, so here is the best that I could do.

Beckett is already the ignored second child. I didn't even get him a costume! I knew he'd just sleep in his wrap the whole time so I didn't even bother.

After about 5-6 houses, Carson got distracted. He kept going, but it was only because the other kids were doing it. He would have been happy to just walk the streets and look at all the houses and all the people. But he trekked on! The kids lasted for about 20-25 houses and then it got windy. It got cold. So we went hom - very successful night!

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