Thursday, October 15, 2009

Guess who's birthday it is today?

Beckett is 3 months today!

My baby is adorable. He's gorgeus. He's happy (his aunt just mentioned to me today that she doesn't think she's ever heard him cry), he's loved by his bigger brother, he's curious about the world around him, he's juicy and pudgy and roly-poly. I just love him to bits.

He's also quite serious. It takes alot to get a smile out of him and we have yet to have him laugh! Look at the pictures below, one out of 3 isn't bad... but do you see his super serious face? Yikes - looks like he is seriously unhappy with mommy taking his picture all the time. Seriously I bet these kids think that my camera has to be attached to my face for 5 hours a day.

I think he's learning his seriousness from his older brother:

But some days, like today, on his birthday, he's all smiles!

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