Sunday, October 25, 2009


He's flipping now. Beckett that is. Like flipping from front to back. Today his nap (which should have lasted 3 hours), was cut short and when I went in his room, there he was on his back (yes, remember, I'm a babysleepsontheirstomach type of mom) looking up at me smiling. Then tonight, he went to sleep (he's always awake when I put him to sleep) and then about 30 minutes later he started to cry, went in his room and again - there he was on his back. But exhausted, poor little guy just couldn't put himself to sleep. I picked him up, he fell asleep in my arms in seconds.

I think Beckett, like Carson, is awake for long spurts of time in his bed. i hope this whole flipping thing doesn't interfere with his marathon sleeping!


Christy Ann said...

Wow. Almost the second Guy was born, the nurses came in an drummed it in to me that babies MUST sleep on their backs because of SIDS... and continued to do so until we left the hospital - 6 days later.

Plus we got handed dozens of leaflets on the subject, then the community nurse visited us and mentioned how "babies have to sleep on the backs" as well.

It was all such a big deal...

Of course you must do what works for you, but in these parts, it was a massive "no-no"!

It's interesting how different countries can have different methods, doncha think?

Jessica said...

Christy, I'm so glad you finally commented, thanks for letting me know you visit! :)

Also, I'm a sleep-the-kids-on-their-stomach-mom & I put my kids to bed when they're awake!

Christy said...

Actually, it is a pretty big no-no here too.

It's just one of those things that I don't listen to. I figure we all slept on our stomachs when we were young and if I look at the lists of all the contributing factors to SIDS, the only one I don't pass is the sleeping on their stomachs, so I think it's OK.