Saturday, October 03, 2009

Nap time?

I put both boys down to nap at 12:30.

Around 1 I hear Carson banging on the wall with his feet, I go in to tell him not to wake up his brother. He tells me he has a poopy bum (poops aren't going as well as pees in the whole potty training thing - although it's important to note the past 4 days he's going diaper free except for sleep times, no matter where we go, and you know us, we are always out). So I change his bum. Put him back to bed, snuggle, leave.

About 2:30 I STILL hear him talking. I go in - he tells me he isn't tired, doesn't want to nap and wants to be with me *sigh* how can I say no to that? So I bring him into my room. I turn on Mighty Machines for him to watch while I take a 5 minute shower.

(by the way, during all this B is still sleeping)

I get out of the shower. And this is what I find.

So now I'm downstairs, at the computer, in a TOWEL because I didn't want to wake him up. (Ive since snuck in and changed)

(Both boys are STILL sleeping and it's 3pm). I wish B's naps were more regular so I would know how much time I had and organize naptime chores around that.

And my favourite "aunt" sent me this beautiful email.

Christy, we have had the roots of empathy program at our school for a few years. I haven't sat in on any classes but I have heard it is a wonderful program and I am sure you will enjoy sharing your darling little boy with the children. Beckett might just change a few people lives by making them more caring, compassionate and better human beings. Enjoy the experience.

And honestly, it made me cry. I guess I didn't realize exactly what I was getting into, and normally people say that when it's not what they wanted, but I've slowly come to realize over the past few days that it's exactly what I want!


Melanie said...

Are you doing the Roots for Empathy program with Beckett? ... I did it when Lucca was a baby and we both loved it! It is great ... :)

Christy said...

Hi Mel! Yes, I'm doing it with Beckett. Thanks for letting me know your experience, makes me more excited now!

Kisses to your boys from us!