Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I have no doubt

That we made the right decision.

Yesterday we went to the nursery school and totally fell in love. I loved the owner, she was so bubbly, so nice, her love of kids was obvious and she so believes in their "school".

They have a fairly structured day

I think this will really help Carson get ready for school next year. Plus, this will allow him to get in the social environment so he doesn't lose those skills. You should see him at the park now, he goes up to kids to ask to play, he shares all his toys (his diggers and dump trucks, his favourites!) he talks to adults, he's not shy anymore, it's wonderful! And I think I owe alot of it to his caregiver. Plus, he will learn skills that will prepare him for the next year. There's a whole bunch of climbing structures, parachutes, kitchens, puppet stages, sinks's bright and colourful and just a really welcoming environment.

Also - there's a ridiculous waiting list for the daycare centre at the school (300 ppl on the list, only 25 spots) and a similar one for the before and after program at the nursery school. But if your child goes to the nursery school they are guaranteed a spot in the before and after program the next year. We wanted him in a centre rather than home daycare once school started so this is a huge bonus.

Another bonus? Because he's in the nursery school, we get a free membership to all the mommy and me classes that are available on the alternate days (alternate from nursery school mornings) where I can bring both Beckett and Carson. These classes are normally quite costly, so now we will be able to hang out with other mommies, kids and babies for free!

Jeff told our caregiver this morning that we would be pulling him out and she got sad. So did Jeff. I bawled once he came home. But like my oh so smart friend Kate said last night, I'm sad because it's a milestone. My baby is growing up and I'll have the same feelings with each milestone. I know we made the right decision sending him to nursery school now, just as I have no doubt we made the right decision when we originally found our caregiver and sent him there. I wouldn't change the way I did it - we even told her that when the time comes for Beckett to go to daycare we will contact her.

When i see her tonight I know I'll cry because we really did love her as a caregiver for Carson... but he's growing up and his needs are different now.


Miss Gogo said...

Ava is also going to pre-school at Tiny Hoppers come September for 2 morning a week. It really is awesome!

Anne said...

Can you send me your home email address? I have something that I would like to ask you but only have your work one. Thanks!!