Monday, August 24, 2009

I have no idea what to do...

So, we are thinking of pulling Carson out of daycare and putting him into a nursery school three mornings a week (2.5 hours each). I think the nursery school will help him get ready for school - he starts next September (I KNOW!) as it is a more structured environment, with more kids, it mimics what school will be like. He's starting school early (he'll only be 3 when he starts) so I'd like to do whatever I can to help him get ready for that.

But, he LOVES his daycare. He loves his caregiver, he loves his friends. He loves going there. Lsat night during my 3am nursing I was riddled with fear. I imagined him having to leave his friends, I pictured him crying. What if he hates the nursery school and just wants to go back to daycare? How do I know what's right for him?

I know I'm probably making a bigger deal out of this then needs to be, but for some reason it's the thing I choose to stress about this month. I'm going to see the nursery school tomorrow and to talk to the people who run it. I figure for the month of September he will go one day a week and stay in daycare (we have to give 3 weeks notice anyways) and I'll see how he likes it. Then we'll move it up to 3 days and no more daycare if things go well.

If there is one word I can use to describe Carson, it's easygoing. It adapts to change so well, he takes anything that comes his way and comes out the other side smiling. I am sure he will do the same thing now, but what is a parent for if not to worry and think about every possible scenario for any little decision we have to make?


Malinda said...

i like your thinking about the 1 day a week and daycare too... makes for a smoother transition I think... it doesn't become such a drastic change.

Sonya said...

I think it's a great decision. Carson is going to have so many changes in his life, and you're going to have to move him eventually, right? If this feels like the right time to change, you should go for it and help with a smooth transition. I know exactly how you feel, though. I think if it were me in your shoes, you'd advise me to do the same.;-)

Miss Gogo said...

Oh boy, I know how you feel. When i pulled Ava out of daycare to stay at home with me, I felt this knot in my stomach for weeks before. What if I never saw my friends again? How upset would I be? But kids don't really care. Carson will love the new experience of preschool/nursery school. I think its a great idea and the 1 day a week will be a great transition.

desajair said...

Sounds like a good plan. 8) I'm sure Carson will love the more kids and more activities and everything!

It's so strange out here with them having to start school at 3/4--I wonder why there is JK in the first place? Isn't 5 early enough for school?

And C is right--kids really don't care about "friends" they're not solid relationships at this point in their lives. Kailey makes a new friend at the park every day and doesn't even remember them an hour later. 8)

I'm trying Kailey in Duffer Doo again in January. (closest thing to nursery school I could find here)