Saturday, August 22, 2009

Carson is a lucky boy

My mom was having a sleepover with the twins, so she asked if she could have Carson as well. I have a brutal cold, Jeff was away for the night, so I smiled and said OK.

Then I cried all the way home thinking about what a wonderful, energetic, loving mother I have. You should see how her grandkids love her, I think grandma comes #1 in her children's families. You should see her in action - she takes them swimming, teaches them crazy things, she never runs out of energy. And I was worried about having two kids over night? She puts me to shame.

Anyways, this morning I talked to my mom and Carson. They spent the afternoon swimming. After supper with his cousins (where, Carson ate lettuce. His face showed complete and utter disgust, but he ate it) they went for a big walk around the neighbourhood which Carson LOVES to do because their is construction galore so he sees all his favourite machines. Then they went skinny dipping (well, except Grandma) for an hour and saw the stars and planes all lit up. Then they went to bed. Probably the latest Carson has ever been to bed, but I'm sure when I ask him, he will say it was worth it.

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