Friday, August 21, 2009

He just wants to party!

Beckett is simply too social. During the day he likes to be awake. He likes to see who's around, what's going on, likes to look out and about and apparently doesn't want to waste any time sleeping. At least he sleeps at night - well, between feeds he goes right back to bed, he just likes to eat alot.

Actually, that boy could nurse all day long. I'm not even exaggerating.

At this age Carson wouldn't be able to stay awake longer than an hour, and Beckett can go up to 8 hours without sleeping - it's craziness.

And, he loves to be on his mommy, so my house is rather disasterous these days as I'm not able to get much done while wearing my youngest son.

Usually I've been bringing him downstairs with me when I get up in the morning, but today I left him upstairs (in my bed, on his stomach, ssshhh don't tell the children's aid society!) and he's still sleeping an hour and a half later.

My best friend's mom told me once that sleep begets sleep. And it's true, the more he doesn't sleep, the more he doesn't sleep. And the more he sleeps? That's right, the more he sleeps!

He's filled out quite a bit (told you he likes to eat!) and has lost that newborn look (well, I think so at least). He's getting to be quite a handsome little devil. When I found out I was having another boy, my Auntie Korkie told me I had perfected the boy recipe with Carson so that's why I had to have another. And between you and me? I think I make pretty gorgeus little boys. See for yourself!


Miss Gogo said...

Yes, yes, you do make handsome little men! They are gorgeous Christy! And I totally agree with the sleep thing. The three days Ella was awake almost all day, she had very poor nights. Then yesterday she was back to tons of day sleep and last night she slept 7.5 hours again. Funny isn't it?

Lynn said...

Your boys are lovely! And I really love what your aunt said to you, about perfecting the recipe...that's so sweet.