Saturday, August 08, 2009

So you wanted pictures?

Yesterday Beckett and I spent the day with my mom, getting ready for her 8 day kayaking trip! Then I picked up Carson and Carrie came over with the twins and we played in the pool and had a BBQ. It's so much fun that Carson plays completely with the twins now and I don't have to run after him keeping an eye on him. He's just one of the kids now.

Here's mom with Carson. Carson insists on having a towel big enough to cover his toes when he gets out of the pool.
Grandma and Nono giving Beckett some loving.

Beckett contemplating life
Beckett watching his mobile
Just hanging out in the swing
My boys


Sonya said...

That is one seriously (and I mean, seriously!) adorable baby. He looks like he's going to be a mini version of you. Cutie!

Sonya said...

Haha - my word verification thingie on the last comment was "onesies". You think the computer sensed we were moms?