Wednesday, September 09, 2009


We are back from a wonderful glorious vacation in PEI. I can't possibly recap our trip as we did so much, but here are a few highlights:

His cousin Petra. Carson is normally the kid who other kids hug and squeeze (and looks around not knowing what to do) but he was all over Petra. At one point they were on the couch together, he got hold of her and wouldn't let her go. She was OK with it at first and then started to cry and Carson had the most angelic look on his face like "I just want to hug her". It was adorable and of course, I didn't have my camera with me. But here's just a sample of how much he loves her.

The cottage has 3 bedrooms. One with bunk beds. Jeff was sleeping on the bottom. Carson was sleeping on the top. The first few nights were perfect. The third night I heard a horrible noise. I knew right away it was Carson falling out of the top bunk. He cried for 30 seconds - then got into bed with Jeff and went right to sleep. The next night we put him in Grammy's bed, and he fell out of that too. Remember - Carson's been sleeping in a queen sized bed for months now and hasn't fallen out of all. We did some re-arranging and we put him in a bed was in the same position as his at home, and he slept perfectly from then on.

He loved the beach. There was so much to do! Faces were made in the sand, waves were jumped in, seashells were collected, boats were raced, seaglass was found, skinny dipping was done, rocks were found (and some put in our mouths?). Every time we went to go somewhere else in the car he would start to walk towards the beach and would complain that he wanted to go there and nowhere else.

He was fantastic in the car with his Daddy! They took two days going there and back - they stopped at rest stops to look at trucks, stopped at playgrounds, laughed, sang together, stayed at a hotel together and had a great time together. I missed them like mad the days we weren't together and was so happy to see them when they got to their destination. Carson still talks about the bridge going over to PEI.

He LOVED his Grammy and Grampy - he wasn't shy at all to start and he loved them more and more every day. If one of them would leave the cottage he would immediately ask where they went and then proceed to say "I need my Grammy" or "I need my Grampy". It's too bad they don't live closer, he would be the luckiest boy ever.

See the rest of our pictures here.

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