Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I just want to eat him

Seriously. I could stare at Beckett every minute of every day. He's freaking adorable.

I love the fact that he goes from a dead pan serious face to a smile and then back to the serious face in a matter of seconds.

I love when he stretches when he wakes up or after he's done feeding, his hands go way up in the air and he lifts his chin up and sticks his bottom lip in. I just want to nibble on him.

I love how he lies down on Carson's pillow and listens so intently when I read Carson a good night story.

I love how he opens his mouth so wide when he's looking around at his surroundings, like he wants to taste the world.

I love how he grabs my hair.

I love how he loves his bath - the first few times he would scream the whole time and now he just sits there calmly and loves as I wash his body and hair.

I love how he smells.

I love how he still brings his legs up when he's lying on my chest.

I just adore that kid.


Anonymous said...

And I just love the way you love him!!!!
Mum xo

Sonya said...

So sweet, and so accurate. I felt exactly the same way, and still do.:-)

malinda said...

more pictures please!!!

I just love the way you wrote that blog :-)