Saturday, April 11, 2009

Still laughing..

I just asked Carson who loves you (meaning ME) and he got this huge smile on his face and said....


I just about died laughing.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I am crying from fits of laughter right now. You need to get that on camera somehow!

Where do you think he learned that from?

- sonya

Christy said...

The only thing we can think of, is one night a week or so ago Jeff was reading his email and found out an acquaintance of ours has breast cancer and has to get a masectomy and so Jeff said "Jesus" out loud. Carson started running around saying Jesus Jesus so Jeff turned it into "Jesus loves you" - then all of a sudden it comes out of his mouth a week later. Not too funny but funny story?

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your friend.

But good save, Jeff!

My hubby dropped an f-bomb (totally by accident the other morning when he dumped his entire HOT coffee all over the kitchen floor when everyone was already 20 minutes late). R spilled her water yesterday at dinner, and we heard her say, "puck!". Yeoowch. We have to be super careful with these kiddies!

We're ordinarily not a profane family or anything by the way. It just happens every now and then.;-)

- sonya (still LAUGHING over the Jesus loves me thing).

Loukia said...

Ahhh so cute!