Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Opposite than supposed to be?

I don't know, I thought toddlers were supposed to get MORE picky when it comes to food as they get into their twos and threes.

The exact opposite is happening with us. A couple nights ago Carson decided that he wants to eat everything we are eating. Don't get me wrong, since he started eating our food I only make ONE meal, none of this cooking two meals for this mom. But he'd only eat parts of ours (like the meat) and if it was a veggie he didn't eat, then I would put on some carrots, peas or corn for him.

But lately, he just wants to eat whatever we do. So he gobbled down about 6 or 7 mushrooms, a whole whackload of red peppers (both of which he wouldn't touch until now) and well, not so much the lettuce (but who can blame him, lettuce leaves don't taste like much). Now he wants ketchup if he sees us with it (one of those strange kids who never liked ketchup). He's also eating rice and potatoes (again, two things he would never allow to pass through his lips before). It's freaking awesome!

On a side note, we eat breakfast together every morning. I was sharing my cereal with him (probably a bad habit but I've done it since he was a baby!) and then when I asked him for a bite of his toast he told me to get my own!

He also put his truck in a time out on the stairs yesterday afternoon. I think it was because one of the girls he's at daycare with pushed another boy and she got a time out, he talked about Molly getting a timeout all night. At least it wasn't my kid pushing someone else, although being a boy and all I'm sure that time will come. We talked to him about it though and told him that pushing wasn't nice - we'll see if whatever we said sticks.


Christy Ann said...

Yay Carson for eating all those new foods. I've one just gotten Guy to try pasta - can you believe it? And he's 3 1/2 !!.... although I will admit that I'm mostly still making two meals a night, one for him, one for us. Baby steps!

I have noticed lots more testosterone in Guy lately and I was told aggression is a bit of a thing for boys at this age. Recently, he came out with "I'm gonna chop your head off" and "I'm gonna saw your arm off".

Yeah, nice. I don't buy into it, I just change the subject, but it's a bit confronting to say the least. Maybe Carson won't have this phase, but forewarned is forearmed! xxx

Christy said...

Wow - pasta! Even Carson eats that! The one thing I've learned about parenting is that it's all about what works best for you :)

Thanks for the warning... I've kind of seen it happen so I'm ready (or so I think) if Carson gets into that, I think it's bound it happen with boys.

Sounds like you are doing the right thing though and as all things with these little guys, every phase will pass.

It's nice to hear things that you are going through so I know what's to come :)