Monday, April 20, 2009

So Carson has a rash

It started under his armpit and now it's moved to his back and stomach.  I have such a love hate relationship with the internet.  The more you look, the worse things you find.  Like right now I think it's measles which is not good for pregnant women.   Ok, I don't actually think it's measles but that's what the internet does to me!  

They say (they = internet) that all kids get rashes and the majority of the time it's nothing.  But, I'm staying home with him today anyways until we figure out what it is.  His mood hasn't changed at all, as I sit here watching him wolf down an egg and a piece of toast with peanut butter... so his appetite is still good.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Sorry about the rash. Wouln't he have a temp. if it was measles?
Jerry a bit better. Antibiotics were making him feel depressed so Dr. changing it. Hope ok for Thurs. Deanna

Loukia said...

Rashes are no fun at all. And don't ever look on the Internet for health information, it will only make you sick with worry and you'll be wondering all day long... best bet, take him to his pediatrician if it gets worse or doesn't go away soon, in case he needs to prescribe a cream or something. My 15 month had eczema on his back and legs... it took forever to go away!