Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love long weekends!

So much so, that I need a vacation to recuperate from my holiday!

Saturday morning we got up and went to visit Auntie Alexis, Uncle Dino, Grant and Maya. ZiaNadia, Uncle Sean and Sofia were there too. Along with the rest of the neighbourhood (5 other kids who were the same age as Carson). So we played in their backyard - Carson was particularly in love with the huge tree fort (2 level, each floor probably 8*8 with a deck, windows - the whole 9 yards) and the trampoline. If I had a bigger backyard, we would definitely be buying one of these. He played in there with Maya forever - what a great workout. Then we went inside for lunch. I have to say I am rather proud of his eating habits. He was the only one to sit down and eat his whole lunch without getting up from the table!

He was sleep probably 2 minutes after we got in the car to go home.

Saturday after his nap we went to Julie and Tim's for the afternoon and a delicious supper. He's quite shy for the first little while when we get together with all the kids, but then he warms up and is just part of the gang. My favourite part is when he was cooking and Maisie was doing the dishes. So frigging cute.

Sunday morning was his Easter egg hunt!! I had these little feet sticker things that led him to all the hiding spots. There were little eggs, a few Kinder surprises and cars stuffed in eggs! He put all the kinder eggs back in their hiding spots, he didn't care for them too much. Since then, every morning when he wakes up he runs to the stairs asking if the easter bunny hid more treats. Later on that morning we went to Grandma's because Jeff was painting the basement. We found a few more eggs and then headed to the park. After lunch and his nap, we headed home and hit up the park again and then had Tacos on Easter Sunday. DELICIOUS. (Carrie and Rob and the kids were away, so we decided to have Easter dinner next weekend).

Monday morning we went for brunch at Nad and Sean's. Sofia and Carson play SO well together. At one point Carson was singing Sofia's name and she just had her head in her hands watching him. They imitate each other, run after each other, chase the cats and get into all kinds of trouble. I love that we had our kids together! After his nap we visited with Lisa and then went out to get a bite to eat.

It was such a busy weekend that I think I'm more tired today then I was Friday morning :)

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