Friday, April 10, 2009

First day of the long weekend

And already it feels like we've done everything we do in a normal weekend!

This morning we went with Sofia, ZiaNadia and Uncle Sean for a walk on a nature trail at this wild bird conservatory.  The kids had a great time with the leaves, the puddles, the logs, the sticks, and most of all.... each other.

Then we came home, the fresh air made us all sleepy so we napped (I think *I* napped the longest!) then we helped Daddy rake (ok, they raked, I watched) and Carson and I headed across the street to the park while Daddy sanded the patches in the wall in the basement to get ready to paint.  At the park, we ran into Carson's girlfriends from daycare (two sisters, Molly and Anna)- it was pretty cute to see him and Molly interact, he just followed her around and did whatever she did.  We got down and dirty in the sand and headed home to get cleaned up and make some supper.   When we got home we found out that the whole gang (Kate, LJ, Myles, Kaethe, Peter, Jaeda, Justen, Julie, Tim, Grace and Maisie, whew) were headed out to dinner so who are we to say no?  We had a great time at dinner, Carson was enthralled with baby Myles and was even happy and excited when I was holding him.  Then we all took a little walk after dinner.  What a perfect day.  Too bad I didn't have my camera out after the bird place this morning...

Tomorrow is Julie and Tim's in the afternoon, Sunday is the easter egg hunt, church, brunch with the family (at least those who didn't leave for the weekend) and then who knows about the rest of the time.  I'm sure things will pop up, that's what happens in our lives constantly.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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