Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cozy cozy

I bought Carson a new pair of jogging type pants from Joe Fresh the other day and he's obsessed with them. They are for the summer so they are a lighter material and straight legged. I had him try them on when I got home to make sure I got the right size (size 2) and he didn't take them off for 48 hours. He wore them to bed, he wore them the next day and didn't want to take them off. Best $8 ever spent.  

So every night when he gets home from daycare he wants to put them on.  Then he does his cozy pant dance.  Can you blame him?  Jeff and I do the same thing!  Well, minus the dance.  Here he is showing them off:

He's also decided that he loves his Diego hat that his Auntie Norma gave him last summer:  This is how he puts it on.

Ever since Carson was a baby he used to lie on the floor so he could see his cars/trucks/tractors move at eye level.  Doesn't even stop him outside in the cold and wet!

Last night, as always, I went to check on him before I went to bed. I couldn't open the door. I finally squeaked it open a bit and all I see are two little feet. 

He fell asleep right in front of the door. We have a monitor on after he goes to bed so I know it's not like he was trying to get out calling for us and finally fell asleep out of exhaustion, he must have just wandered up and fallen asleep there. Which is really funny because I always see pictures of other kids falling asleep in random places - which Carson never has done. Until last night. I snuck in and stole a few pictures (after i managed to push him far enough away from the door to squeeze in which is harder now then it would have been without a pregnant belly).

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