Sunday, April 19, 2009

86 days

Until baby two comes!  Due date was pushed up a week so July 15th is the new date.  I still don't think Carson really gets it, we talk about it all the time but I don't think until we bring that new sweet baby home that he will know what's going on.  We need to start getting his new room ready and move him into it - give him as long as we can for him to get used to it before someone else moves into his room.

I'm not sure if I liked knowing the sex of the baby more then when I didn't (like with Carson), but now that I do know I will be a mom of two boys it's funny how I notice moms of all boys EVERYWHERE.  At the park, at the store, taking a walk, talking to women at work.... it's all I see! And it gets me excited.  Brothers!  Two little boys running around, chasing each other, throwing balls.... I think I'm really lucky to have two little boys.  Before I started having kids I always thought in my perfect world I would have two boys and then a little girl.  But, we're obviously taking it one at a time and so long as they are healthy I'm the happiest mom around.

So back to 86 days.  That kind of freaks me out.  Life is so EASY right now.  I mean Carson is a dream child.  He sleeps, he eats, he tells me what he wants, he says please and thank you (ok, we're still working on the thank you, he's a bit stubborn about that), he loves his family, he loves his friends, and being a mom to him is the best most wonderful thing in the world.  But yes, very easy.  I always considered Jeff and I to be rather relaxed parents and it's amazing how much more relaxed/laid back you are when your child is older, but now we're going to be going back to the world of newborns!  Yikes!  Carson sleeps 12 hours every night and I can count on my hands the number of times he's been up through the night in the past year.  Going back to 2-3 hour "naps" all night?  My goodness, what have we gotten ourselves into?  Ok ok, maybe that's just the tired pregnancy vibes talking :)

Today Carrie and I took all the kids downtown on the citybus.  I think Carson would love it if Jeff and I sold our cars and relied on the citybus for our transportation.  He loved it.  We walked around downtown in the beautiful sunshine, we did a bit of shopping (no, not for me, at Miss Tiggy Winkles).  We had lunch, we went up and down escalators and we went for lunch and then took the bus home.  It made me miss being more in the city (being in the suburbs and all) and I vow to make it down there more often.  We were out for 4 hours and I'm surprised that Carson didn't fall asleep on the way home!  It took him a little extra snuggle to get him to sleep but he's out cold now.  I may have promised him the beach when he wakes up, which between you and I, I hope he forgets as it may be too close to supper time.

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Loukia said...

I love Tiggy Winkles. I love their Bank Street location the most, love taking the kids there. There is so much to do in this city once the weather gets nice, you know? I'm looking forward to our very warm weekend coming up! :)

And by the way? Yeah, it does get a bit more difficult when baby number 2 arrives! Not to scare you or anything!