Monday, January 21, 2008


Wow, it's amazing how fast time flies! I remember the first year of his life (maybe it's because) I knew how old he was, almost to the date. The first of each month, I would sing happy birthday and I'd sit and think about what was new for him the month before, what's changed, check his milestones.... and now? I forgot the day he turned 13 months. 14 months is coming up and I can't BELIEVE I have this little year old sweet adorable little pumpkin. He's still loving daycare, sleeping like an angel, getting into everything, making us laugh and getting frusterated because there's so much he wants to do but just can't do everything.

He cried when Grandma left yesterday, that was a first. He got a little upset when I left for work this morning and tried to follow me out the door, but as soon as the door closed I'm sure he forgot about me and went about his business with Dad.

We are getting excited about Florida, about meeting little Miss Petra, walking outside without having to bundle up, play in the pool and crawling (if not walking) in the grass!

This last picture, how freaking big does he look? He's so tall!

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