Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm going to do it

Throw him against the wall that is. I know I've said this before, but the best way I could describe how cute something or more often someone is, is by saying they are so cute I'm going to squeeze them so tight and throw them against the wall (Rob would often follow that by saying - you're never going to be alone with my kids again! because alot of the time I was referring to Ethan and Isabelle). But honestly, Carson leaves me no choice.

He's been sick, with a nasty cough. He hardly ate anything at care yesterday, I think about 1/2 of an applesauce with about 5 sips of milk. She tried everything (even TOAST) and he refused. But, he was a happy little guy. I showed up at care and he looked over at me and then looked right back to S and put the last block on the tower and then clapped at what he'd done. He knocked it down and started to do something else, so she picked him up and brought him over to me but he wasn't interested in me at all! He looked back at her and gave her his biggest smile (normally only reserved for mom and dad!).....

Anyways, he was fine last night and at bed time? I put him into his bed, we kissed all his animals (nightly ritual) and then he grabbed his crib sheet (for some reason his new blankie is one of his crib sheets and he sleeps with it every night) and sat up, smiled and WAVED at me. Waving isn't new, but waving at me while I leave him in his bed to go to sleep? That's new. He loves to sleep though, he never fusses when you put him to bed for a nap or for the night. And he would play in his crib for hours. Every time you go to change his bum he spends at least ten minutes in his crib. It's hilarious.

So can you now see why I want to throw him against the wall? It's funny how I would always laugh at my friends who were pregnant with #2 when they would say - I just don't see how I could love a second one as much as I love (insert child's name here). And now I know how they feel. I know with number 2 (if we are lucky enough to have another one) I will love them just as much, but when your heart is so full of love for one... I can see how you'd be scared that there wasn't enough in there for another one. I know I will be proven wrong soon enough.

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desajair said...

LOL--too cute! I always say I want to squish Kailey so hard her head pops off. 8)