Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend Fun

Carson is a hoot these days. He has the funniest little personality and loves to try and make us laugh. We've had a great weekend so far, we've visited, had visitors, gone out to eat, gone for walks, played and then played some more. We're all having so much fun together, each day is better then the last.

No pictures please!

This picture is a little blurry but he was double fisting it with his sippy cups, it was hilarious. He's take a few gulps of one, then the other, then go back to the first....

Mommy and Carson

Playing with Isabelle in the ball tent

I have to wean him off bread because if he sees bread, crackers, buns, anything bread like he goes into a fit until you give him some. He goes over to the cupboard where we keep the goldfish crackers and just whines until you give him some. Only when he's hungry though - so at least he's letting us know he's hungry. It's frusterating that he doesn't love frutis for his snack like he used to, but after a few days without bread, he'll remember how he used to love his fruits! He hasn't eaten them that many times, they were for special occasion (which normally turned into mommy and daddy eating them while watching TV!) Today he scoffed at apples AND pears, which hasn't happened before so I've got to do something drastic :)

He slept 15 hours last night and is on hour 3 of his nap, but he's coughing lots so I think his sleep is totally interrupted.

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