Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Sofia!

We just got back from Sofia's 1st birthday party, and we had a great time.

Look at his red cheeks! Teething? Maybe.

It's really fun to have a cousin for Carson who's the same age. There is exactly 5 weeks difference between the two. When we were both pregnant, Jeff and Sean would always joke about how we'd be racing them when they started to crawl and then walk (Jeff and Sean are racing, betting, competing... but in a fun way. Same with Jan) but now that the kids are here, we don't at all. Sofia started walking on Christmas Day (SO cute!) but now she seems content to have someone holding her hands again. They are so alike and yet so different at the same time.

He was super happy at the party, just doing his own thing and being so proud when he puts the puzzle pieces in the right spot. together, the blocks on the right stand, the circles on top of each other, stacking the cups. His motorskills are improving like mad! Each day I'm shocked to see what he's doing. His favourite thing is to put the letter in the magnet holder and then he presses the letter to hear the song. He turns and looks at you with these wide eyes and his new top mouth smile. You just want to bite him.

I love how he's not all shy around new people. Sure when we walk right into a place he'll snuggle into either Jeff or I, but after a bit, he's going around and visiting everyone, showing them whatever he's found and smiling, talking, giving kisses and showing off his tricks. I know alot of it is just him, it's in his genes. But I'd like to think that Jeff and I have done well too, but always having him around new and different people, letting him stay over at Grandma's and Auntie Carrie's, so he isn't 100% dependant on us. Now I know there will be some eye rolling and thinking - but it's your kid, he should be completely dependant on you. But I want him to grow up being comfortable around people and not shy and awkward. And so far he's doing great! He still favours us over anyone else and he isn't great if someone else besides the top 6 (you know who you are) is holding him, but if he's on his own, he'll be quite happy to spend time with anyone.

He's been waking up at 4 (yes, 4) but to just sit and babble in his bed. I heard him Thursday night and Carrie heard him do it last night (Carson had a sleepover!), and at some point he falls back asleep (not sure how long he's awake cause I think I fall back asleep before he does) but he's now so tired during the day. Not at all cranky, just yawny, dopey eyed and we had to put him to bed half an hour early today for his nap cause he was so tired! He's normally sleeping 7 till 7 with a two hour nap from 12-2. The past two days though, 3 hour naps.

Carson also loves playing in his crib. Like he crawls to it, points to it and wants in. So we put him in (still not sure whether it's a good idea to let him play in it... will he at some point confuse it with a play area instead of a sleep area?) But it's darn funny. See for yourself. Errr, I was going to post a video but for some reason the sound is all off. I'll do it again and then post it.

Tomorrow we are off to Kate and LJ's for brunch, and he'll probably take his afternoon nap there. I love that we've put him in a playpen since he was little, that's how he's always slept at Grandma and Nono's and when we went East AND West... and now at daycare. He has no problem taking a nap there! 90% of the time we keep him at home for his nap, but it takes a while to get to Kate and LJ's and we want to visit longer than an hour. I think next week will finally be our first week back to normal post holiday.. and between you and I, I'm quite excited!

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