Monday, January 07, 2008

3:15 is always such a happy time

Because it means I leave work in 15 minutes and pick Carson up from care. He's always so happy to see me and kisses me constantly from when I leave the front door until I strap him into his car seat. Seriously. I'm not even exagerating. I normally ask him for the first one and then he just keeps going. Who wouldn't love that?

I've heard (again from my wonderful friends and family who already have kids) that at some point they may not want to leave daycare. They'll be having such a good time with their friends that they won't want to leave. They've warned me not to take it personally and I won't.

Have I mentioned that I love having so many people who have already gone through what I have? I take advice and suggestions whereever they feel they can offer them, I love hearing war stories and how they've dealt with certain situations. I find sometimes when I try to offer the same help, I've gotten "Oh, my child won't do that." or "Oh, I won't feel that way." or "That's not going to be a problem for us". In a way that makes me feel stupid for bringing it up in the first place.


Christy Ann said...

Kisses from Carson! Beyond cute! I have to BEG Guy for a kiss... :(

And for what it's worth, Guy sometimes doesn't want to come home from day-care. It's a good sign actually when you stop to think about it!

Like you, I always love hearing tips and advice from others... which is prolly why I like your blog so much!

Christy said...

Thanks Christy! I think it's a great sign, it's better then him crying to get out of there :)

I'm sure Carson will get to an age where he's more choosy about his kisses.

desajair said...

I'm all about the Kisses these days--its the best thing EVAR!