Tuesday, June 02, 2009

New bicycle

Well, when I say "new" I mean new to us, Jeff found it at a garage sale over the weekend. But Carson is in love with it. He leans forward sometimes to watch himself pedal and then he falls over, but what's a boy without scratches all over his knees?

I was having troubles getting the camera to focus, but you can get the idea of just how excited Carson was on his new bike. We also bought him a two-wheeler which he tried to get on - until the bike fell over on him. We're going to put the training wheels on this weekend and see which one is easier for him to ride. He hasn't quite got the whole pedalling thing, but he'll get it to go around a few times (our driveway being on a hill is quite helpful too).


Anonymous said...

Grammy & Grampy glad you're having fun on your new bike. Luv you

Christy Ann said...

Adorable! That smile!

We got Guy a bike from Ebay recently. It's two wheels, but he's still got training wheels on.

Loving Ebay. It feels great to save the environment by renewing/recycling, while still getting a bargain! :)