Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fun fun fun!

Carson and Petra LOVE each other. The first thing Carson said to me when I went in his room this morning was "Where's Petra, I want to go see her". Apparently Petra yelled "KIDS" when she woke up this morning. She went from a deep sleep to out of the bed - out the door - down the stairs in two seconds. That girl is crazy, she's constantly on the move and never stopping and Carson is simply in awe of her.

This morning we went to Cosmic Adventures, then out to lunch. Home for a nap then out for a nice long walk and then a trip to the park. It had rained and they both got their spiderman pants (yes, they had to put on their spiderman jammies after their nap today) soaking wet. So we came home, got them out of their wet clothes and they sat under the blankie on the couch together while we made supper. I can see how having two kids is going to be awesome, they have someone to always play with (play, fight, argue... whatever the case may be).

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you two mommies had a great day with your adorable little kids!!!!

Looking forward to tommorrow's pictures.

Grandma xxoo