Friday, June 26, 2009

Best part about summer?

Grandma and Nono's pool! Carson freaking loves the pool. Our winter was so busy on the weekends as it was that we never really got to the pool, so I was a bit worried about how he was going to react when we went it. Over the past couple weeks whenever we are over at my mom's he's gone into the back and been quite interested in the pool (although it wasn't clean then). So yesterday we made plans to meet the other grandchildren there - and as soon as we got up to the house Carson climbed out of his seat and ran up to the front door asking where the pool was. Then he tore through the house and out the back and started squealing. Yes, my son squeals. Good thing I wore my bathing suit over (obviously, under clothes!) because I barely had him out of his clothes and he was at the side of the pool, just waiting for me. I got in, he jumped to me and never looked back. If we were out for longer than 5 minutes (say, for dinner) he looked at me constantly asking to go back in the pool. He loved it loved it loved it.


desajair said...

Can we come play when you have #2? I'm so excited to hear your news and what you guys decide to name him. 8) I wish I was home so I could come visit.

Christy said...

Of course you can!! I can't wait!