Monday, September 22, 2008

Update on all things cute

- Carson counts. If you ask him to count, he gets this big smile on his face and says onnnneeeee (with his voice going up at the end, very exagerated), twwwooooooo, and then either 5 or 7. If you guide him along he can fill in the blanks from 1 to 10.

- At the park yesterday, in the middle of playing, he ran over to Jeff with his arms wide open to give him a hug.

- He was starting to get "afraid" of the dark, so we put his "Goodnight Moon" nightlight in his room and he quite likes it. When I went to check on him last night his head was right beside where the light is.

- After a bit of persuasion he ended up staying in the bouncy tent for half an hour last night. All his friends (Jaeda, Grace, Maisie, Justen, Mirabel and Jack) were in there just bumping into each other and trying to jump

- I was lying on the floor in his room (cozy cozy time) and he put Iggle Piggle beside me and looked at me and said "Be Nice". I've never heard him say that before!

- Seconds after saying "Car coming" on our walk yesterday he said "Watch Out". Where does he get this stuff? I love it.

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Christy Ann said...

Amazing! He's seems to have quite a few words considering he's not two yet...