Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Busy Day

Carson's (or, I should say Carden as he calls himself) latest piece of art

He loves his little slide and today wanted to just lie down on it and take a rest before his next turn

Every day, Daddy and Carson take a walk to go get the mail

Daddy wants to pass on his basketball skills, and was using the recycling bin as a basket. Carson was slam dunking!

These nights, before his bedtime, he's been wanting to get "cozy cozy cozy" on the floor with his mom and dad. We play with the super soft blanket, we all lay down (actually, we lay down in the specific places he tells us to) and I wanted to get pictures of him laying down but as soon as he sees the camera he wants me to show him the pictures on the screen (especially the movies) so it kind of makes it hard to take pictures.

Anyways, it's getting a bit harder to convince him it's bedtime when he's having so much fun. And tonight? He wouldn't let me leave the room after I put him in his crib. So, I promised him I would sit in the chair while he fell asleep. I tried sneaking out at one point but then a few minutes later all I heard was "Mommy, chair. Mommy, chair" So I went back up, sat in the chair and minutes later he was asleep. So long as it doesn't become a habit, I didn't mind at all. It was cute watching him fall asleep. He wraps his blankie around his toes over and over while trying to fall asleep....

I think it's getting a little afraid of the dark, he alwyas wants the lights on. I think I have to go find him a nightlight.

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