Friday, September 12, 2008

He certainly loves his grandma!

Last night Grandma and Nono came over for supper. They were still there when it was his bedtime and he did NOT want to leave them. Jeff took him upstairs for bed and he was screaming for them. Mom went up for a bit to cuddle and kiss him good-bye. That didn't work. Then he called for me. I went upstairs. After about 10 minutes I got him quasi-calm by looking out the window. We were looking at the cars, the trees, the kids... and then, Grandma and Nono left. That was not something he wanted to see. It started again, this heart breaking "Grandma... Nonoooooo". Out the open window of course. Grandma could hear him and she didn't like that, not one bit. She said she would have come back and sat with him all night long if that's what he wanted. But we all know that's not what he needed. He needed sleep!

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