Thursday, September 04, 2008

Indian Summer

So summer ends but the summer weather just starts? Carson was at home with Jeff on Wednesday, and when I got home I swore Carson had grown since the morning. He ran over to me (he was nekkid!) and start talking a mile a minute and then continued to go crazy around the house. Then he looked for something on the kitchen table and Jeff and I tried to remember when he started to be able to see over the table? We remember him only not being able to see on the table.

Tonight, he was trying to take the chair from his table outside to sit at his picnic table. But he was explainging to me how it was the chairs that Isabelle and Ethan sat on when they were here. He was dragging the chair saying "abel and enan" "chair" "outside". that's pretty fricking close to a sentence for me!
He spent the day with mom today (and me tomorrow!) and she called when he went for a nap to tell me how much he's talking. They sat on the corner watching cars (his favourite pasttime) and he will tell you which ones are cars, trucks, vans, jeeps, buses, diggers and tractors. He's very well versed in his automobiles.
Here's just a few pictures from mom's trailer this past weekend. He wanted to ride in her kayak (on land, of course) all the time.

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