Sunday, September 07, 2008

Chilly mornings!

This weekend got quite a bit cooler and the mornings are quite crisp! But Carson always wants to go outside (aside aside!) so now we have to start dressing him up to keep warm. And the result is not always quite so fashionable.

He's absolutely blowing Jeff and I away with his words these days. He's normally stringing three or four together (mommy ball up here, daddy blankie cozy cozy, mommy mon aside) He's fricking cute as heck!

And he's wild. Just wild. We stopped by Bulk Barn this morning and he was yelling and laughing and running up and down the aisles (but not a terror, he doesn't pull, yank, jump or break things) and saying hi to everyone and playing peek a boo with the cashiers. We went to an open house and he was flinging himself on the toddler ottoman and wanting to get up and jump on each of the beds. I know he's growing up (he's 21 months!) but I guess it's happening so fast, most days I wake up in constant amazement at the things he's doing.

We've had a fun last week, and tomorrow is back to normal and back to Sheena's. I asked him if he wanted to go see Sheena tomorrow and he said no, he said see Grandma. And Carrie. Then he said Grandma - Carrie, like 30 times in a row (must call Carrie to tell her, she'd be happy). But I know as soon as we show up to Sheena's house tomorrow he'll be happy, he missed them when he's away too long.

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