Saturday, February 23, 2008

When did it happen?

When did he turn from a baby into a toddler? I'm home alone, with him, tonight. Jeff's out in the West End at a party (I ended up staying home with Carson!) and I just went to peek on him. He was in the same place I had seen him an hour ago. He's so tall. He's so big. He was in these football pyjamas and his feet were crossed and some of his fingers sticking through the crib bars. Like when did he get so big? I remember when it was such a big deal when he flipped from his stomach to his back. Then when it was hilarious that he'd be in a totally different position (or location) when I would go and check on him. When did he turn into this toddler who sits and smiles at you as you leave the room when you put him to bed? When did he start playing in his crib in the morning and be perfectly happy for an hour or more?

The past couple of days have been awesome. He's been having long (3 hr naps) and he's been just running all over the place. It's crazy how much parenting changes when they start to walk. Now at home he pretty has much run of the house, everything is pretty much his for the taking, just a few spots we just make sure he's careful around (stairs, fireplace...) but it's when we go out. He doesn't walk too much outside (boots are too bulky for him) so when we go to the mall, or a store, he's just all over the place. This afternoon I was chasing my son around GolfTown! He kept running after the balls on the putting green and putting them in the holes.

It all happens so quickly. It's crazy. I remember people telling me to enjoy the first year, it goes by so quickly. And wow - did it ever. He's not a baby anymore, he's doing things on his own, he's making his own choices, he's he's learning where all his eyes, nose, head, hands, toes and tummy is, he's learning different colours, animals and to dance. I can't believe soon I'll be saying Carson is 15 months old...

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