Friday, February 08, 2008

It's amazing how fast they learn

He's walking now. Like walking from room to room, and now he chooses to walk instead of crawling. And it's just been a matter of days. He's still wobbly and needs to regain his balance every once in a while, but he's a walking toddler.

And he's smart. I know all parents say that, but really, this kid is smart! I'm constantly amazed by how quickly he learns something if I show him only once. And he follows instructions now (not like instructions on how to bake a cake or anything), but if I tell him to put something somewhere (like the plate on his head) bring me something, then he'll do it. He's like my own little voice activated robot.

And he likes to read. All.the.time. The first thing he does when we bring him home after daycare is help me take his jacket off, and then scoot over to grab one of his thousand of books (literally, I haven't counted but it's gotta be close to 50 books on the first floor), opens it up and flips through the pages. He'll sit there for a good 10 minutes just reading the same book, over and over. If it's Goodnight Moon, he'll see the fireplace and say hot. If it's the truck book, he's so excited when he turns each page, and as he does he says "Guk" (his version of truck). If it's the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star book (not the one you are thinking) he flips to the last page and kisses the furry tummy. He's hilarious.

And I'm excited for the weekend, which may involve Winterlude, dinner with friends (and kids for him to play with!), and a trip to the indoor "playground".

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