Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This weekend Carson had a sleepover with the twins. I had a glimpse at life with more than one child and let me say - it's exhausting. Ethan and Isabelle love Carson so much and were squealing whenever he'd walk, it's like it never got old for them. To be truthful, Jeff and I are amazed every time we see him walking. Which, is all the time now.

We also went to visit Sofia (and the rest of the Moran clan). Sofia and Carson chased each other around the bed. Sofia would run after Carson until they got to the end of the bed and then they would turn around and Carson would be the chasee.

We have issues. With toys. Too many toys, too little storage. Keep in mind, I don't think one thing you see in the picture below was bought specifically for Carson. Everything gets handed down to us. And we are super grateful. I've already put away two bins of things he's grown out of. And there is piles of toys downstairs that I don't think he would quite "get" right now. I can't wait to hit up IKEA with Tarrah so I can hopefully find a solution to our problem!

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Deanna said...

storage solution that saved us...
within the sears wishbook there are 3 shelf shelving units that have colored plastic bins (10 or 12). the are amazing for sorting and keeping the floor uncluttered. the bins aren't the largest in size, but it helps with all the smaller toys. we take one out at a time for jesse to play with, when he's done we put it away and bring out another bin.