Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Busy days!

So much has been happening around here, I've been neglecting writing about my two handsome little boys.

What's new with Beckett you ask?

He has his two bottom teeth! He didn't make too much of a fuss while they were coming in, he cried one afternoon for about 5 minutes which led Grandma and I to believe they were coming (this kid does not cry unless he's in his crib going to bed, otherwise, during the day he just doesn't cry!)
He's sitting by himself! I put the nursing pillow behind him in case he falls, but he can sit up for a few minutes at a time. He loves this new position, it's a whole different world for him.

He's also taking a bottle. He took a bottle from Jeff two nights ago and another one tonight - and fell asleep like a baby right afterward both times. I'm not as excited as I thought I would be, but I know next time I want to leave him for more than an hour I will be able to! I lasted longer nursing Beckett exclusively then I lasted nursing Carson at all. I don't have a picture of the bottle though, I try to stay out of the way when he's having it.

Now onto Carson. What did we do today?

That's right, we registered him for school! I can't believe that come September, I'll be sending my baby off to kindergarten. He was quite excited to go into his new school (whether that's the actual school he's going to, that's not yet decided, we're trying to work that out, but this is most likely the school he'll be going to) and watch all the kids play in the gym while I filled out all the forms. And of course, Beckett came along for the ride.

Other than that, we've been trying to keep ourselves busy in the winter. We went to feed the birds one day and Carson LOVED it. As soon as the birds would come close (they actually land IN YOUR HAND, freaked me out, Carson wouldn't have anything to do with them eating out of his hand but loved it when they landed in mine) he would yell and jump and scream COME EAT THE FOOD BIRDIES, YOUR TUMMIES ARE HUNGRY BECAUSE IT"S COLD OUT until I finally convinced him we had to whisper because the birds are afraid of humans. We accidentally spilled the bag of birdseed so I'm sure they had quite the feast once we left.

We've also been exploring the neighbourhood and all the hills, chasing snowplows, playing with the other kids when they get out of school, shovelling, playing hockey, trying our best at skating, and watching the big kids play hockey in the outdoor rink!

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Teresa said...

You've been busy bees. School already!!!! Time does fly. Looks like you are making the most out of the winter. Thank goodness for all that lovely sunshine.