Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So very excited

It's still a few months away, but unfortunately I do have to go back to work. Life would be great if I could stay home with my boys, but that's not in the cards for us. We've been trying to figure out the perfect scenario for our boys when it comes to care.

We were going to keep Carson in the same place as his nursery school but in the before/after school program and then look for home-care for Beckett. But then I thought about Sarah, this woman I know from the park. We met when our first kids were old enough to go to the park. We were both there often (and lots of times the only ones there!) and so we started chatting. I always thought she was such a great mom, I loved seeing the way she talked to & played with her son. We would talk about tons of things, one of them being child rearing and it seemed we always had the same views, thoughts and opinions on all different aspects of raising our children.

A couple days after I found our caregiver, Sarah asked if I was looking for care. She said she decided not to go back to work. We had already found care so I had to say no, but often thought of Sarah and possible daycare. She had a little girl a few months before I had Beckett, so we saw each other at the park over the summer but I haven't seen her since the fall.

I kept looking for her the past couple weeks, when I wasn't at the park I'd be looking out my back window at the park looking for her. I always kept my eyes open. Then I reverted to stalking. I cant divulge my methods, but I ended up with a phone number and called this afternoon. She told me I had impeccable timing because she was just thinking about taking a child in her son's age and one her daughter's age. Which is EXACTLY what I have! So we are getting together next week to talk about things but I think this must be the absolute perfect scenario. I'm giddy just thinking about it. Her son will also be going to the same school as Carson, which again... perfect!

The weather has been beautiful outside these days. We've spent lots of outdoor time outside: building snowmen (Carson actualy was quite concerned that the snowman wasn't going to be able to pee and asked that I make it anatomically correct. But I just couldn't do it) we've played at the park, gone for walks, used our toy grocery cart to pick up bottles and cans on the street after recycle day, gone to Grandma's, tried to feed the birds again (but they weren't out!),

Beckett is being baptized April 4th (easter Sunday!) and Jeff's parents are going to stop in Ottawa on their way home from Florida. Carson is quite taken by Grammy and Grampy lately, so he's really excited they are coming, and so are we! I'm sure if Beckett could talk he'd say he was excited too.


Anonymous said...

It truly is the most satisfying feeling to find a care situation for your children that you are comfortable with and happy about. My caregiver is quite fantastic, a second mom for my boys. I am so happy about that. This, quite literally, makes it a breeze to go to work every day. I NEVER worry about them. They are loved, well cared for and having a great time. Huge weight off our shoulders. So happy for you.

Teresa said...

Hope your babysitting arrangements workout. Enjoy the remaining time home with the boys.


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