Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just like my big brother book!

We love reading in this house. There are stories upon stories upon stories. There are books on every floor where Carson can easily reach them, we go to the library constantly, we read books in the car, we read books before bed, we read books to Beckett.

It's really amazing how kids pay attention to stories in books. They listen to every word we say and I would love to see inside his head when he's trying to make sense of the book, compare it to his real life and savour what's being said. When we do something in real life that we've read about in a book - Jeff and I both make the comparison outloud and we love seeing Carson's face light up as he makes the connection between what we read and what we are doing.

Carson's uncle Michael and Auntie Olivia bought him this book when Beckett was born.

It's about an older brother and the new little baby in the family. He desperately wants to play with the baby, but at the beginning the baby is too little. As the baby grows, the older brother is able to do more and more things.

Carson often talks about this book as he is starting to help feed Beckett, dress Beckett, play in the bathtub with him, read books to him and he was absolutely ECSTATIC when Beckett was playing with him this morning "It's just like in my book Mommy, Beckett is big enough to play with me". I am giddy with excitement when I think about my boys growing up together, as friends and although I can not predict the future, I think they are going to be quite good friends.


Teresa said...

It nice to see them playing so happily together. They are going to be so close when they grow up.

Olivia Lu said...

Wow. I'm glad Carson's enjoying the book. I completely forgot about it.

Anonymous said...

That book is a favourite in our house too! In fact we read it a bedtime just last night.

It's so much fun to watch them grow into their relationship isn't it. I know just how you feel.


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