Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've always said that Carson and Beckett simply love being together. The other day Lisa was over visiting, so Lisa, Carson and I were hanging out downstairs. Beckett woke up from his nap and Carson wanted to go up and see him. He went upstairs and I started to hear the both of them laugh.... (which, if you know Beckett, you have to work fairly hard to get him to laugh). I went upstairs, camera in hand, and this is what I caught.

Here is Carson watching this video. It's hilarious. Isabelle and Ethan started to imitate the little boy and Carson thought THAT was the funniest thing ever. When we watched the video again, together, he just about cracked a rib laughing. Here it is. (and if you haven't seen this video, you have to watch it)

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Teresa said...

Great videos!