Sunday, December 13, 2009

Countdown to Christmas - Day 9, 10 and 11

Preface: We aren't exactly following the activities I had laid out. We're adding some, deleting others. Doing all this with a baby is sometimes challenging, so I do the things I can on the days they are both cooperative and willing to help a mommy out :)

Day 9 - trip to the library to pick out Christmas books and listen to Christmas stories!

It didn't exactly turn out as it should have. Instead of Christmas books we got digger books (surprise surprise). And we listened to Christmas stories but the woman reading the stories had her knickers in a knot and kept getting discouraged because the kids were loud, not paying attention, running around, laughing etc... Honestly, what did you think lady? You're reading stories to toddlers! So that kind of put me in a foul mood so I encouraged Carson to run around some more. I was sitting out of the circle with Beckett (he was kind of yakking/screeching) because I didn't want to disturb everyone else and she asked me to come sit closer so Carson wouldn't disturb the other kids by doing his own thing. Argh.

Day 10 - visit Santa!

Carson had to be bribed, he's quite leary of all things dressed up (mascots, bears, costumes, clowns, santa clauses - I think he gets it from me, they freak me out). But offer him a candy cane and he's all yours. He didn't necessarily smile, but he sat on his knee. The Santa wasn't super friendly or anything. Sure he said the right words, but not in a super Santa way. Beckett, in total Beckett fashion was happy as anything.

Day 11 - Breakfast for supper!

It was supposed to be dessert for supper, supper for dessert. Instead, we had pancakes for supper and sundaes for dessert. We invited Auntie Carrie, Uncle Rob and the twins over.

Annddd as seems to be normal as of late, I didn't take pictures. I KNOW. What's wrong with me?

I did get a picture for Day 12 - decorating the Christmas tree.

Carson put on all his decorations in one spot. It's so cute. Daddy helped Carson put the star on top of the tree.

Here they are doing the doe-see-doe
Helping Daddy put the star on!

Quite proud of himself

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Teresa said...

Looks like you have been super busy. Carson's having a blast.